Here’s a song to perk you up! (For sure!)

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In 2007, Chad King was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and his doctors told him that he could be paralyzed within 7 years. Nine years later he is treating his MS with a holistic/ nutrition-based regimen, and he feels better than before. This song is his mantra.

“Won’t Stop Running” has a special place in Chad’s heart, one of the artists behind the phenomenal “A Great Big World”.

 With lyrics that speak truth from Chad’s experiences, the aim of this song is clear: to inspire you to keep running despite all the challenges life throws at you.

In a glimpse, the song is a “pep talk” to every single one of us who are in the middle of our everyday battles.

Facing forward

Lights out I won’t stop running

Falling backwards

Hands tied

I won’t stop running

I’ll take another sunrise

Another hand to hold tight

This isn’t over

In fact, because of its upbeat music and strong motivational lyrics, I featured this song in my “Top 10 Songs to Get Your Butt Running” for Wellness Wednesday. Back then, I wasn’t even aware of the official M/V yet.

You might ask,

So why should I watch the video?

I tell you one thing: It’s a black and white music video that gives the song so much color.

Visuals are very minimalistic. No fluff, no special effects, no uncomfortable sexy scenes (that other videos do for the sake of views), no bright colors, no overpowering electronic beats.

It’s just real music with real people.

It perfectly satisfies the checklist of a good motivational song: video of REAL people, upbeat drum beats, clapping audience in the background, “you can do it” lyrics, and a beautiful echoing voice in the bridge of the song.

Released July 26, 2016 (two weeks since), it gained 125,928 views but I strongly believe that it deserves more.

So I encourage you to share the music with everyone you know who are in the middle of a battle. Encourage them. Cheer them on.

Or simply share it on your social media accounts. You never know who you can inspire.

Music is, after all, a powerful tool that can ease the burden of the soul.

Listen to the wonderful track here.


Share Your #WontStopRunning Stories

This mini website complements the release of the music video. It features inspirational stories from real people. Chad King, Bev Brown, Jarrett Adams are just a few.

It’s a “Great Big World” out there, and what better way to traverse this world with the support of peers.

Do you have a story you want to share?

This site gives all of us a chance to share our #WontStopRunning stories. You can even upload a YouTube video or a photo to describe your experiences. As for me, I’m still trying to craft a short story. I don’t know if it will be chosen since it’s not as “big” as, say surviving a terminal illness, but it’s still worth a try because who knows, right?

After all, we all have our unique stories. May it be “big” or “small”, these are bits and pieces of our life that we should all be proud of. You’ll never know who you inspire if you don’t start putting it out there.

Start crafting your stories here.

Stay up-to-date with “A Great Big World” via their official website.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are going through, don’t stop running. Face forward and show the world how strong you are. I know you can do it! You might be doubting yourself right now but you and I know that it’s not over just yet until you say so. So keep your head up. There’s a beautiful great big world waiting for you. 🙂


Have a happy day, beautiful people!

Your Inspiration Curator,



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