This Is Not Your Typical Home

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Plastic is probably one of the most ingenious inventions of all time. It’s made our lives more convenient and it drove various businesses through time.

But we all know that plastic and Mother Nature aren’t exactly on friendly terms, right?

We’re producing a lot of plastic bottles and most of them end up in the landfills where it takes years, decades, or even centuries to disintegrate and poof away forever.

In fact, if we were to gather all the plastic that ends up in the dumps each year, it would probably be able to circle the Earth four times (or even more).

So what can we do with these mountains of plastic?

Mold them into beautiful houses, of course.

EcoDomum, a start-up company from Mexico, is already on its way to saving Mother Nature, one plastic house at a time.

EcoDomum’s mission is to build durable and affordable homes using recycled plastic. Moreover, the company also wanted to address the serious problem of extreme poverty in their country in which several people lack the basic need of proper housing.

Basically, EcoDomum collects all kinds of plastic, melts them, shapes them inEco-Domum-recycled-plastic-panelsto large panels, and those panels are used as the walls and roofs.

Each panel is about 8 feet long, 4 feet wide and 1 inch thick. It takes about 80 panels to build a small house.

Building a house is difficult but with the right amount of materials and labor, it can all be done in a week.

Since its inception in 2013, EcoDomum has been expanding its business further and this 2016, it is set to move into a larger warehouse.

ecohouseThe company has already constructed over 500 recycled plastic homes throughout Mexico and has already partnered with local trash collectors so as to have a constant supply of plastic.

Indeed this is a wonderful innovation that deserves our support.

I look forward to an environmentally sustainable future!

Eco houses are the in thing now. Are you game for it? Here is another project I found on Pinterest. They used old tires and glass bottles to create this eco home.



Are you game for a plastic home?


Have a happy day, beautiful people!

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