What in the world is Instagram Stories?? Snapchat 2.0?

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Instagram Stories is a Major Déjà vu Moment

I know that it’s not yet #TechieTuesday, the usual day I upload about Tech news, but I can’t help myself from posting about this trending news right away on my blog.

BIG NEWS: Instagram has a NEW UPDATE.

And it’s not the ordinary “fix-your-bugs” update, it’s a legit update that can change your Instagram experience.


Sounds familiar?

Of course, it does! Snapchat Stories?

Instagram Stories and Snapchat Stories obviously share the same name but they must have different functions, right?

Not exactly.

What is Instagram Stories?

Like Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories lets you share your everyday moments with your followers (and non-followers if set to public), and these will poof away after 24 hours.

Like Snapchat, you can also unleash your creativity by adding text and drawings on your photos and videos.

What is its difference from Snapchat?

For one, Instagram Stories appear on top of the main feed, unlike Snapchat that has a separate screen.

Non-followers can view Instagram Stories you’ve set to public.

You can pause the slideshow of stories and tap to the left side to go back to the previous story.

In terms of the creative tools available, Instagram offers 3 types of brushes: standard, translucent highlighter, and color-outlined neon, unlike Snapchat that only has one.

Instagram Stories does not have location filters, selfie lens filters, stickers, and speed effects (well, at least not yet but who knows, right?).

What’s in it for Instagram?

So, as of now, the Instagram interface offers two entities of your feed: your long-term memories and your short-term memories. (Maybe not the perfect wording but let me explain.)

Uploading in Instagram now means that you can choose whether you want it to go to your wall where it will be posted forever (unless you deliberately delete it), thus your long-term memories, OR you can choose to upload it to your Stories which disappears in 24 hours, thus your short-term memories.

Why would Instagram betray Snapchat like this?

This is obviously an attempt to increase the frequency of posting without having to ruin the “overall vibe” or consistency of your Instagram feed.

It is popular opinion that Instagram feeds should be consistent with a certain theme or vibe because you don’t want to have a cluttered feed with pictures of the same food or selfies side by side. Also, you wouldn’t want to spam your followers’ feeds with multiple shots of the same thing, right?

This results to users becoming very conscious of what they upload in their feed, thus the inception of the expression, “Instagram-worthy shot.”

The app developers are obviously aware of this, hence the launch of Instagram Stories to relieve users who hold back from posting on Instagram just because they think their post is unworthy of the public’s prying eyes.

In my opinion, I think this is a pretty bold move for the app developers. They are practically taking the main essence of Snapchat, incorporating it to Instagram, and even calling it with the same name!

But I guess their confidence in launching this update stems from the fact that Instagram is still a pretty powerful social app with a lot of very dedicated users (compared to Snapchat). So, despite the seemingly “arrogant” move, Instagram still ought to go for it.


This is big news and I’m actually looking forward to trying it out, just to see if it’s better than Snapchat but I think Snapchat will still win this round until Instagram actually launches something new.

The question now is, Snapchat, what’s your next move?


Have you tried the new Instagram Stories? What are your thoughts about it?


Have a happy day, beautiful people!

Your Inspiration Curator,



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