What to do with old shirts piling up in your closet?

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Do you have tons of old shirts lying around in your closet?

I sure do.

My old shirts are practically separated into three piles.

First, those that don’t fit me anymore,

Second, those with outdated designs; and

Third, those that hold too much sentimental value that I can’t just bear to throw away.

The third pile is definitely the largest pile.

Are you and I in the same boat here?

I have a bit of a solution for our mini problem.

Why not sew them all together into a quilted masterpiece?

The other day, I was skimming through Pinterest, looking for new DIY ideas. As I was going through pins of washi tape mixing, crocheting, crafting, and others, I came across this very interesting idea.

T-shirt Quilting.

Quilting is patching up different textiles together to form one masterpiece. Since this sewing technique requires different textile patterns, the overall result becomes extra special as it is the only one of its kind.

Quilting is a perfect DIY if you have extra shirts lying around your closet. You can use the different patterns or designs of your old shirts.

This is also great for clearing up space from your closet without having to throw out your beloved shirts.

(*Also perfect for cold seasons when you want to snuggle in your bed 😉 )

Google it up and there are tons of instructions about creating your very first quilt.

Here are a few reliable sites I’ve found.

Instructables: T-shirt Quilts 

Wellness Mama: Fleece Tshirt Quilt Pattern and Tutorial 

Stars for Streetlights: DIY T-shirt Quilt 

If you’d like to have your own quilt but simply don’t have enough time on your hands, then there are others who are willing to do it for you for a few extra bucks.

Project Repat is one of them.

Project Repat is a business project launched in 2012 which basically turns your shirts into a beautiful quilt. You simply choose your panel size, quilt size, and fleece color, then send them your shirts, then in a few days, you will receive your beautiful t-shirt quilt in all its glory.

Simple, right?

Learn more by visiting their main website: Project Repat: Snuggle Up to your Memories 


Here are also a few of the amazing t-shirt quilts I have seen online:



So what are you waiting for? If you’re a sentimental memory hoarder like me, get crafty and create your own t-shirt quilt.


Have a happy day, beautiful people!

Your Inspiration Curator,



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