Unleash Your Creativity with Japan’s Incredible Innovation

agic circuit marker from japan featured photo innovation

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“Magic markers.”

Remember when those colorless markers were a big hit back then? Those colorless markers that reveal bright colors when shaded on special paper?

Well, that’s all in the past now.

There’s a new thing nowadays that would probably blow your mind.

This is the new kind of “Magic Markers,” which will definitely “Electrify your Creativity.”


Technically speaking, this is a circuit marker with silver components that allows the user to draw electrical circuits on special circuit paper by hand, enabling the flow of electricity to connect electronic components.

Artistically speaking, it allows artists to incorporate light and add a ‘wow factor’ to their artistic masterpiece.

Educationally speaking, it eliminates the complication of connecting wires here and there, and so allows students (especially the younger ones) to experiment freely and actually have fun while learning.

From a marketer’s perspective, this is an amazing technology that offers promising advertising opportunities. This technology can be incorporated to coupons, posters, interactive activations, product designs, all kinds of merchandise, etc.

Presently, ink with the same components has also been developed for certain printers which open a lot of doors for creativity as well.

Here are a few of the artworks I have seen so far:

In short, this technology creates endless possibilities so kudos to AgIC of Japan for coming up with such an amazing and awe-inspiring innovation!

Well yes, it’s from Japan.

Japan is after all the birthplace of various technological innovations that leave the whole world in awe, no doubt about that.

Now, you’d probably want to watch the “Magic Marker” in action, right? Here you go.

Amazing isn’t it?!

How can I get one??

It’s available for purchase in the AgIC online store for $15! Although of course, you would have to purchase the special circuit paper along with it.

Currently, the developers are still working on making the “Magic Marker” adaptable to other surfaces as well.

I can’t wait for that development to happen! I can imagine creating tons of greeting cards and wall art with it! Speaking of which, greeting card companies can actually tap into this technology as well, partner with the developers and they might be able to bring back the magic of handwritten greeting cards. Only this time it would be more innovative as it comes with the magic of light! How exciting is that?

Learn more about the amazing “Magic Marker.” You know you want one. 😉

Facebook: AgIC Print

Main Website: AgIC Technologies 


Have a happy day, beautiful people!


Your Inspiration Curator,



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