Fashion for Human Kind? Not Impossible Anymore.

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Imagine this…

Your friend comes up to you and enthusiastically asks, “Wow! Where did you get your outfit?”

What do you reply to her?

You’d most probably smile back and answer her with, “Oh, I got this from Zara” or “Mango” or “From Forever 21!” or “H&M.”

But do you actually know where you got your outfit?

Do you ever wonder where and how the fabric you’re wearing was harvested?

Do you wonder about the story behind the hardworking laborer who cut and had sewn the hems of your pants?

Do you ever wonder what the hands of those who crafted your necklace looked like?

Nina Farran wondered about all of these.

Nina has what you call a strong passion for fashion.

More than that, she also has a strong passion for creating positive change in the world of fashion.

Nina’s story goes way back when she was still at the University of Pennsylvania. Her project back then consisted of launching humanitarian fashion efforts to build schools in sub-Saharan Africa. Presently, she continues to take proactive efforts towards the dream of having a fashion industry that supports the humanitarian needs of our world.

Her work focusing on ethical and sustainable investments opened her eyes to the severe need for impact fashion and tangible help for society and the environment. is an initiative towards that dream. Nina launched this initiative to change the perspective of consumers and designers towards fashion and to make them more aware and proactive towards social and environmental issues surrounding the fashion industry.

Basically, Fashion Kind (FK) curates a collection of ethically-produced and sustainable luxury products based on two criteria: impeccable luxury style and tangible impact.

Through this, FK advocates the idea that fashionistas and alike can still dress fab and stylish while supporting ethically produced fashion brands. In other words, you can still make a difference without having to sacrifice your personal style.

Here are a couple of photos of their collection from their main website and their beautiful Instagram feed (@FashionKind).

Another factor that makes FK unique is that it educates the consumers of terms used in the “growing world of conscious commerce.” Some are common terms you’ve already probably heard before but others are quite scientific and technical like Carbon Neutral, Organic Cotton, and Sedge. Check them out in their website glossary!

Their Instagram feed also features #FashionKindFacts which are like “Fashion Trivia” that enlighten the typical consumer to join the movement and make informed choices.

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At the end of the day, FK aims to be more than just another e-commerce site or retailer.

Nina Farran, through Fashion Kind, reveals to consumers that in making a purchase, you do have a choice.

Fashion Kind is creating ripples in the fashion world.

Joining this movement, in becoming more aware of where your clothing comes from or of who had sewn them, is a great step towards the humanitarian world Nina dreamed about (and I’m sure we all dream about as well).

So the next time your friend asks where you got your outfit, more than mentioning the retailer you got it from, I hope you could also tell her the stories of the artisans who crafted your outfit and how your purchase had made them smile.

Soon, I hope that fashion brands all over the world would take on this social and environmental responsibility. And I don’t mean them taking this responsibility for the sake of good publicity but taking it sincerely and out of the goodness of their hearts.

Are you on board?


Learn more about Nina Farran’s initiative at

Follow their Instagram feed as well! (@fashionkind)


See you tomorrow for #WellnessWednesday, featuring inspirational stories about health and fitness!


Have a happy day, beautiful people!


Your Inspiration Curator,



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