Julliard Graduate x Veteran DJ = MAGIC

Music monday Mako featured photo

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What happens when you bring together a classically trained Julliard graduate and an electrifying veteran DJ?

Magic, that’s what.

This is the story of MAKO and how they are slowly creating ripples in the music industry.


MAKO Logan Light and Alex Seaver new artists inspiring story of classical musician and aspiring DJ New breakthrough artists.jpg

The fab and talented men behind MAKO are Julliard graduate, Alex Seaver and Veteran DJ, Logan Light. I was reading up on them and found out that Alex attended the Julliard School on a full scholarship and has performed with some of the “world’s elite classical artists.” The Carnegie Hall is practically his home.

On the other side of the spectrum is Logan Light. In the past years, Logan has been “mastering the art of DJ-ing.” He has opened for incredible dance music artists like Tiesto and Avicii.

Who would have thought that two successful artists in their respective fields would come together?

It’s like two radically different musical worlds converged into one beautiful symphony.

Coincidentally, their fathers were once roommates at Syracuse University, and so that technically places Alex and Logan at generally friendly terms.

It all began when Logan invited Alex to the Electric Daisy Carnival’s 2011 stop in Las Vegas.

MAKO saw its early beginnings thereafter.

On a personal note, I wasn’t exactly a big fan of EDM until MAKO. Somehow, its upbeat music brings so much life to whoever listens to it, and it makes you want to dance! It’s like how “Oh” from “Home”, can’t control his dance moves whenever he hears music!

Oh Home I like to move it move it dance cute funny purple alien animation gif.gif

I want to share with you, my favorite track, “Our Story”.

Give it time and tell me what you think!


See you tomorrow for #Trendy Tuesday, featuring inspirational stories from the fashion world!

p.s. Since I’m kind of new into EDM, do you have any playlist recommendations? 🙂


Have a happy day, beautiful people!

Your Inspiration Curator,




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