No More Fear, Our Savior’s Here

Hello, everyone!

Happy worship Sunday!

For our very first Worship Sunday, I would love to share with you the number one worship song in my playlist: “Savior’s Here” by Kari Jobe.

Kari Jobe has been leading worship for more than 15 years, leading lost hearts into the Grace of God. She began leading worship at age 13 and through time have been nominated a GRAMMY, won a Dove Award, and was praised by New York Times. Presently, she is making plans for her #OutcryTour.

She only knew she had a heart for broken people and a deep desire to lead them to the Cross.

We all have such a heart to connect people to the heart of God through music, and it’s powerful.

–Kari Jobe

Personally, Kari’s songs have given light to the darkest moments of my life. When life throws struggles and problems at you, it’s easy to succumb to the dark, give up, and tell yourself you’re alone and nobody loved you.

Then out of the blue, my mother bought Kari’s album, plays her songs in full blast.

It was so random.

I knew my mother was religious but she wasn’t so open about it until that day.

In an instant, Kari’s songs spoke to me. I don’t know what it was but I felt so warm. It was as if her songs brought me to a tight embrace…as if comforting me…as if protecting me.

Kari’s songs saved me. It was such a random moment that I didn’t expect, but it did, it did save me.

Kari’s songs are nothing fancy, but the truth in her words are what makes her songs timeless and magical; they bring broken hearts to the Cross.

I’m forever grateful for her songs.

I hope you too will find refuge in her songs. 🙂

Here are a few lyrics from “Savior’s Here” to inspire you. 😉




If you want to know more about Kari and her music, here is her official website:


Have a happy day, beautiful people!

See you tomorrow for our second round of #Music Monday, featuring inspirational and talented musical artists!


Your Inspiration Curator,




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