A Mother Reveals How Running Connected Her With Her Daughter

5-minutes read.

We all know that exercise is good for the body.

But let’s admit it.

We have those days when we’re just too lazy to move our butts and work those muscles.

On those days, I would die for a hint of inspiration or a pick-me-upper to boost my mood.

While there are tons of before and after pictures and fitness journeys online, I find this story of Janina and her daughter who was diagnosed with autism, to be particularly interesting and awe-inspiring!

Like any other fitness success stories, Janina’s story involves a kind of transformation; not of a physical form but more of a mother-daughter relationship transformation.

Janina’s story starts when she tries to find her connection with her daughter, Ava.

Ava, with autism, was usually nonverbal and aggressive. As such, Janina found it difficult to create a mother-daughter connection with her.

Until one day, they both go for a run in a park. Ava sat comfortably in a stroller as Janina started to run.

Janina noticed her daughter looking around and pointing at ducks, birds and she was smiling and happy. She was even singing, laughing, and making eye contact.

From there on, Janina knew that she finally found her connection with Ava.

Sometimes, during a run, Ava would even reach out her hand which was rare as she didn’t like being touched so much.

Who would have thought that a jog in the park would create such an astonishing effect?

I strongly encourage mothers of both typical and special needs children to develop a running time with their young children. It will develop a sweet bonding time that you will cherish…Ava surfaced from darkness and ran into the light.

Read the full story here: Mother Finds Connection With Daughter Through Running.


Have a happy day, beautiful people!

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