This Song Proves that Music Breaks Down All Boundaries

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Happy Music Monday!

What a nice opportunity to start my blog with beautiful music! 🙂

Anyway, for my very first inspirational Music Monday, let me share with you a musical piece that has touched my heart for many years. I first listened to this piece around 2007. Thinking about it, it has been 9 YEARS SINCE.


Let me just absorb that.







9 years. That’s almost a decade! I’ve been in love with this piece for almost a decade! That’s true love right there.

This piece is the opening score of one of my favorite anime’s, “La Corda d’ Oro Primo Passo”, which I loved very much because of the classical pieces it featured.

For me, this song proved that music can indeed transcend language. I’m not a Japanese speaker, in fact, I only know basic words like Konnichiwa, Arigato, Baka (Yes, baka is a basic Jap word everyone should learn! Haha), etc.

I barely knew what the lyrics meant but that didn’t matter at all! What mattered was the melody and how it brought life to my soul. No exaggeration. I’ve read stories of people who felt rejuvenated and inspired after hearing this piece.

One time, I even thought to myself how I wished I could hear this musical piece in heaven. Okay, by now you’re probably thinking, “What a weirdo, this Anna”.

Still, I think that music is the perfect way to connect. No matter what country you live in, what race you belong in, what language you speak, what beliefs you hold, music simply has the magic touch of connecting everyone.

Music breaks down all barriers.

The only way I can justify this weirdness of mine is by letting you listen to the piece.

Without further ado, let me interest you in listening to Brand New Breeze.

Hopefully, the piece would breathe fresh new breeze into your mornings.

I recommend using earphones or better yet headphones for increased enjoyment of this piece.

If for any reason you have a prejudice towards anime, let it go for now and just listen.

Enjoy! I hope this brings magic to your ears!

No copyright intended.


If you’re also interested in listening to the OP of the actual anime, here it is. Enjoy!

No copyright intended.


That’s it for our very first Music Monday! 🙂

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See you tomorrow for #Trendy Tuesday, feàturing inspirational stories from the Fashion world. 

Have a happy day, beautiful people!

Your Inspiration Curator,



ps. Here are a few cute GIF’s for you 😉


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